What factors affect the height of a person

Do you know what factors affect the height of a person?

1. Genetic factors
This is one of the most important factors that determine a child height, Child tall’s high and low, the height will be heavily influenced by their parents, which is the genetic rule the decision, we have no way to change factors.

2. Physique reasons
Due to the delay of institutional development, late development than their peers. There Congenital hypothalamic anterior pituitary dysfunction, resulting in the secretion of the pituitary gland growth factor reduced, making the slow growth rate, resulting in short stature. Hypothyroidism in children with the disease. Some children with congenital hypothyroidism in 2 years before the onset, if not treated, can cause mental retardation. However, after 2 years of onset usually presents growth disorders, constipation, anemia, low activity, poor appetite and other symptoms.

3. Malnutrition
Chronic malnutrition, will significantly affect growth speed resulting in short stature. Child growth and development, metabolism fast, requires a lot of nutrients, chronic malnutrition, will lead to abnormal functioning of the body, affecting development. Malnutrition also includes absorbent malnutrition, and poor digestion and absorption problems.

4. Improper living habits
Customary rule life, it is necessary to protect the various parts of our body to work properly. Now highly developed science and technology, computers, mobile phones, TVs, game consoles, telephones. . . Etc., will affect the child irregular work and rest, sleep quality is not high, obesity and other health problems, which also acquired significantly affect physical development process!

5. Other reasons
Parents want their children to grow taller urgent, use some improper methods, such as allowing children to take a variety of drugs increased, the body will affect the normal development of the child, affecting the secretion of various hormones, greater negative impact.
There are reasons for the growth environment, environmental contamination, unpleasant living environment, the child is not happy, and so the long-term psychological.

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