Everest in Nepal is going to Ranaghat Roompa

                                          # Everest in Nepal is going to Ranaghat Roompa# 



His childhood dream of touching the sky. After the wedding, that dream can get even faster. Husband Suman Bose loves the mountains. When time and opportunity arises, he reads beriye.

That's the beginning Next up is the contact romper with the Mountaineering Association of Krishnanagar e, the mountaineer's association in Krishnanagar. The training began. After that, conquering one difficult mountain. Vasant Singh Ray, the first Bengali Everest conqueror, came into contact with civilians. He made himself a little. In five years he won seven horns. >>>

This time the destination Everest.

Rumpa sir left the phone on the phone one night after several days of stress, can I go on an Everest expedition? Spring was thinking of day two. Then came the answer. You have that skill.

Rumpa Das, a schoolteacher in the Nashra Colony of Ranaghat, was educated for thirty-eight years. He started all preparations for the Everest expedition. One and a half hours of running in the field in the morning, one hour back from school in the gym special practice. Yoga is created by the mind. But not only if it is made. About 20 to 20 million rupees is needed!

Rumpa has loaned Tk 5 lakh from banks and cooperatives. giving 1 million. After that, the money that started with the rest of the money started to contact the nearest people. Many have come to the side. He has extended financial assistance.

The sob is set to move on to Rumpa Everest, an English teacher at Cooper's Colony High School, on April 7. After leaving Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, conquering Everest and returning on a 5-day expedition. She is the only woman in this time's Everest Expeditionary team from West Bengal. The companion is a Russian traveling group.

Perbe to rumppa ??

For a moment, Vasant said that Chanda Gayen and Tusi Das had won Everest as a Bengali female traveler in civil affairs. Rumpa will be third if he wins. My steadfast faith and will do it. Having been on several expeditions with him, I got the chance to see him. He has all kinds of physical and mental abilities. Rumpa laughed as he heard Sir say that when he believes that I can, no obstacle will stop me.

Rumpa joined Rock Summit with Sumon on May 23. That year, he climbed <35 m high the next year, 8.5 m high at Trishul-1 <1920 m> and <15 m> at 27 Kangri won the <15m> and <1212m> and in 25 the Debachn <120m> horns. He could no longer follow this path because of problems at Suman's waist. But he is always with his wife. He said Rumpa will be successful in the Everest expedition. Take my word.

Rumpa laughed, "Maybe I'm being helpless. I'll come back with something that can't be bought with money



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