Scientists want to spread corona virus in some healthy people, know the reason behind it

You may find both surprised and angry at this method of rescue of Coronavirus by scientists.

Now cases of Coronavirus are increasing in the country. Despite the lockdown in the country, there is no decrease in new cases. Now in the meantime scientists want the corona virus to be spread in some people's bodies. You may get both surprised and angry by listening. But knowing the reason for this, you can get relief.


Scientists want 100 healthy people

Internationally, the work of making corona virus vaccines is going on fast. Scientists themselves have started to believe that it is difficult to get rid of corona virus without preparing it. Neer Iyal, director of Rutgers University in New Jersey, says that we need 100 healthy people within the corona virus to get our vaccines ready as soon as possible. With this help, we will be able to do the last trial of our finished vaccine. It is considered to be the most accurate and surest way to provide vaccines to the world at the earliest.


Another scientist associated with the case says that during phase-3 trials, the best way to test vaccines in healthy people. We will put corona virus in the body of 100 such people. After this, I will test the vaccine I made. Once the vaccine proves to be effective in these people, they mean they are ready for treatment.

Trials can also be conducted in India

Scientists say that some people from India can also be selected in this trawl happening at the international level. Any international vaccine requires clinical trials in at least 6 countries to be recognized. If successful results of this vaccine are found in India too, then this vaccine can also be used for corona virus in the country.

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