Corrona Virus

 Corona virus is a divine punishment

One of the many incomprehensible decisions of nature is that human history has repeated itself every century. In a world where nature has bestowed upon man its abundant blessings, man has faced some unspeakable difficulties in the race of life and he has also been suffering from excruciating diseases.

The outbreak of the corona virus began in Wuhan, Province in China, where the first case was reported on November 17, 2019 , followed by 1 to 5 cases per day, and by December 15, the number of corona patients rose to 27. On December 17, eighteen cases were reported for the first time in a single day, and on December 20, the number of confirmed cases reached 60. The growing virus not only infected thousands of people inside China, but also Thousands of people have lost their lives since, but over time, not only Chinese doctors but also the public have responded to the epidemic. They and their country presented a stunning development and cases of corona virus lessened in days. Consequently life revived in China with its full bloom but next that virus proceeded to victimize other countries more cruelly.

 At present, the number of people infected with corona in the world has exceeded 1.3 million, while the number of deaths has reached 74,000. The corona virus has wreaked havoc, especially in European countries, and has infected thousands of people, including the United States, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, where thousands of cases are reported every day. Hundreds of people are losing their lives. Despite modern technology and resources, these countries today look helpless and say that now our eyes are looking for some divine help.

 Economically the most affected by the corona virus are developing countries including Pakistan, Iran, India and Afghanistan. Many other countries whose economies were already faltering are destructed badly and millions of people, especially the working class is unable to sustain its living due to lockdown. Countries whose economies are totally dependent on imports and exports are bearing irrecoverable loss due to stagnancy adopted by the whole world to defeat Corona Virus. 

In Pakistan, as in other countries, the corona virus has taken root. The first case of Corona in Pakistan was reported on February 27 with a travel history of Iran. The first death from corona in Pakistan was reported of a person named as Saadat , who is said to be about 72 years old. At present, the number of corona virus patients in Pakistan has exceeded 4,000 and it is feared that this number will increase further. If the Taftan border had not been opened, the situation in Pakistan might not have been so unpredictable today. About 200 patients have recovered in Pakistan at the moment while more than 50 people have lost their lives. The number of patients in Punjab is 1500 while in Sindh there are about 1000 patients. To control this epidemic, the government will have to take effective measures and the people will have to respond to every decision of the government. The next few weeks may prove to be very detrimental to Pakistan. The four provincial governments showed responsibility. In order to protect the people from this virus, the provincial governments decided to lock down in their respective provinces so that the people could be saved from this epidemic. Today the whole country is locked down. , Businesses, shopping malls and means of transportation are banned; working class is most affected by lockdown. In view of which the provincial governments decided that special assistance would be given to the working class and 12000 per family would be given monthly and at the same time rations would be delivered from house to house. Covered people have to be taken care of as these are the people who do not consider it appropriate to extend a hand and rely only on Allah, the steps taken by the federal government against the corona virus so far have been satisfactory and hopefully in the coming days inshAllah further improvements will be made.

Pakistan's doctors, nurses and paramedics who are risking their lives to protect the people from the Corona, the young men of the Pakistan Army whose job is to protect the borders, but today only to save the people from this epidemic Men of Army are active in every corner of the country to protect the people. Our police force, which has always been criticized, is also playing its full role in this matter. Going to a corona-infected patient is not without danger, but today every doctor is treating corona-infected patients 24 hours a day. Today, the entire Pakistani nation greets its doctors and army personnel from the bottom of their hearts.

China quickly overcame the corona virus. Not only the doctors made sacrifices for this but also the people created social distance took special care of cleanliness and acted immediately on every decision of the government, but our battle is also against ignorance. Today, the people of Pakistan need to understand the value of human life instead of frivolous behavior and fully implement every decision of the government, not to confine themselves to their homes but also to socialize with friends and relatives. Enough to reduce, wash your hands regularly, avoid shaking hands and hugging each other.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to report the symptoms of Corona virus in any case in a timely manner to the numbers issued by the government. If we act irresponsibly, we will also face a situation like Italy and France.

As soon as the epidemic that claimed thousands of lives set foot in the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the so-called Muslims immediately mobilized for hoarding. On the one hand, people were looking for a mask to protect themselves from the epidemic. On the other hand, shopkeepers and big companies started the business of storing masks. This is the Islamic state where milk and food is always impure. Wasn't all this permissible in the state of Madinah because the law was strict there? There was cutting of hands on even a small theft, while everyone here is free because someone here Not to ask, the law is weak here while the culprit is strong. If the hoarders had not been left open from day one, no one would have dared to hoard even a cheap thing like a mask. The government of Pakistan should take stern action against hoarders so that in coming days no one will dare to stockpile life saving items in times of dire need for just a few rupees.

 Among the working class who were most affected by the corona virus was the laborer who used to earn a few hundred rupees a day and his hearth was burning. Just think, today all his means of livelihood are gone because the whole country has been locked down. Government is trying its best not to let a worker's stove cool down, but there will be many people in backward areas who may not be able to get government aid. We can't call it the government's fault because we don't have the resources like China or the United States. Special care must be taken of the poor families living nearby where they could not cook a single loaf of bread, where the children were hungry. We have to help such white-clad people as much as possible so that the children of a laborer do not go to bed hungry. The United States, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are the countries where carelessness is rampant. The reason is that thousands of people today are suffering from epidemics like Corona, on the one hand the lockdown was delayed in these countries and on the other hand the people did not take this threat seriously and the result is in front of us every 24 hours, nearly 1000 people are losing their lives, the situation in Pakistan is not like in these countries yet, but if the people will not show seriousness and Government would not act as China has done, then the situation is likely to worsen. The corona virus is a pandemic that has not yet been vaccinated, and there is no hope that a vaccine will be available in the next few months. Even if a vaccine is ready within a year, it will take at least 18 months for its approval. We have to fight this epidemic vigorously and take precautionary measures to defeat it just like China has given. So let us pledge today that we will strictly implement every decision of the government and do our best to resume the stalled activities in Pakistan. Radar will play, if we take a few precautionary measures, the time is not far when schools, colleges and universities will reopen and the markets will return to the same vibrancy that they had a few weeks ago.

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